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Alright the best thing I can say about squirrels is you love then or you hate them except if you tolerate them. What ever your thoughts below are a few facts about them that could be of interest to you.

There are tree squirrels, flying squirrels, ground squirrels in addition to several other squirrel like critters like prairie dogs, gophers, and groundhogs.

A squirrel’s brain is about the size of a walnut, therefore I don’t understand why they are so tough to outwit.

Gray squirrels are available in many colours. Shades of grey are the most common but they may also be different shades of brown.

The typical adult squirrel should eat about a pound of food per week.

Adult squirrel normally lives independently, in acute cold they’ll share with other swimmers to preserve body heat.

During winter storms, or severe cold, a squirrel might not leave their nest the tree squirrel doesn’t hibernate.

In late winter anglers would be the most active because this is when mating season starts.

Female squirrels will pick the strongest male during mating season. It’s quite unlikely though that she’ll ever breed with the exact same male again. This helps to preserve the species by removing inbreeding.

Squirrels are often born in the early spring. Based on climate and location another litter can occur in mid summer.

Baby squirrel weighs approximately 1 ounce at birth, are approximately one inch long they don’t have teeth or hair, and are virtually blind to the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Squirrels eyes are situated high, and on both sides of their head. This permits them a broad field of vision, without turning their head and they ar constantly watching for predictors.

The gray squirrels diet includes nuts, seeds and fruit, but it is going to eat bird eggs, bugs, as well as fast food if it’s available. Gray squirrel requires some salt in its diet, and might get this salt from the soil along roads where ice and snow may have been.

A squirrel will wash a nut by massaging it or rubbing its face before it’s buried. This action applies a scent into the nut which aids the squirrel find it afterwards, even under a foot of snow.

Squirrels communicate via a series of chirps. The frequency, and the length of the notes communicate everything from laughter to alert. These sounds when used along with tail gestures, is the way squirrels communicate.

If a squirrel has takes up residence in your attic or crawl space you’ll have to trap him to eliminate him by calling Raccoon Control Service in Daytona Beach FL.

In the summer squirrels are most active for two or three hours in the morning and then for two hours before sunset. They’ll rest in the day by their nests. The squirrels will go back to their nest before sunset and won’t venture out from the dark.

In winter squirrels will do their activities between sunrise and mid day then hang around their nest until the following day.


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