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Privacy and security are a really important facet of any business. Every business owner needs their assumptions as safe and secure as possible with no unwanted visitors roaming around the premises. Cosmetic Dentistry Technology has been widely used for different functions and it is about time people come to find out more about the wizardry.

Facial Biometrics is a technology capable of identifying someone by reading and scanning certain facial features. Cosmetic Dentistry Technology has come a long way and today have various applications in mobile platforms, robotics as well as matter of national security.

Various Techniques Employed for Facial Recognition

Traditionally there are two unique ways that are used for facial recognition.


2. Another way is to use a compacted probe image which contains all the required information to recognize the face of a specific individual. The probe image is compared to the accessible face data to recognize the compulsory face from the data pool.

3D Recognition

In 3-dimensional facial recognition, 3D detectors are utilized to record the facial features with more information such as the structure of the contour, spots, shape of the eye socket, chin, nose . The extra benefit of 3D face recognition is that it’s not determined by the light like the other procedures.

In this technique, the facial features can be scanned in various lighting and a broad selection of viewing angles. This method drastically increases the accuracy in the process making it more reliable and usable in various conditions.

There are some other methods used for facial recognition such as:

Skin Texture Analysis

Thermal Cameras

Mobile Applications

There are lots of mobile programs which use face recognition for different functions. Snapchat uses facial recognition to add a new filter that may change how you look. Similarly, there are lots of such mobile programs which use this technique to increase their services.

Face ID

Security Services

Different Police and National Security Agencies across the globe use facial recognition systems to monitor offenders and identify suspects.

Biometric Attendance

In large companies and government agencies, various biometric cameras and machines are utilized to automatically indicate the presence of employees or any particular individual.


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